Image of four cyclists pacelining on a wood velodrome in full aero helmets and wheels

Velodrome FAQ

What is the Website about?

This website is about keeping everyone updated and encouraging you to become involved in the NEVSC project.

What is the NEVSC anyway?

The NEVSC is committed to bringing track cycling back to the New England cycling community. To do this, we must build a velodrome for New England. We want you to be part of it.

What’s a velodrome again?

A velodrome is a banked track for track bicycle training and racing. While the velodrome could be outside, we plan to build an indoor year-round facility. In short, it is a place where your friends, your family or your team can ride and race bicycles. You won’t have to deal with traffic and New England weather.

Where are New England’s other velodromes?

There aren’t any! The closest ones to Boston are in New York and Pennsylvania. We are looking at locations that are accessible by bike, bus, car or plane.

Why do we need a velodrome for New England?

Everyone needs to stay healthy, make friends and find a competitive outlet. Thousands of New Englanders ride their bikes for these reasons as well as basic for transportation. There are dozens of cycling teams, clubs and programs in our schools and universities and many more New Englanders would ride their bikes if they could be protected from traffic and the elements. An indoor velodrome will provide that protection. Riding and racing on a banked track is easy to learn, good for your soul, and sure beats hanging out on the streets.

Is a velodrome just for racers?

Absolutely not. Whether you’re a recreational rider, a competitive rider, a rider with a disability, or a child, you can ride on a velodrome. Although the New England Velodrome and Sports Complex will enhance the New England racing scene, it will be a great place for families to just have a good time with the right support for everyone. It will also be the de facto clubhouse for New England cyclists.

What’s the status of the New England Velodrome and Sports Complex?

We are just getting started and have attained tax-exempt status. There is much more work ahead and we need your help to continue making progress. Please read about volunteer opportunities on the volunteer page. Read more about our progress here.

What do we need to do to make the velodrome happen?

Money and many more volunteers. It will take a $30 to $50 million dollar investment to build the velodrome complex. We will launch the formal capital campaign in the coming months. If you, or anyone you know, has the experience to contribute to our capital campaign, please contact the New England Velodrome and Sports Complex at info@nevelodrome.org. If you would like to volunteer, please read more about the volunteer opportunities on the volunteer page.

Can we really raise the money?

Yes, we can. We have already begun reaching out to potential funding sources. We will hire a professional fundraiser to lead our capital campaign. Concurrently we will begin working with grant riders who will research corporate and foundation gifting programs. New England as many sports enthusiasts, some who are able to make large contributions. We will also run fundraising events and offer sponsorship opportunities.

Who’s behind this?

The NEVSC organization was started by three board members. However, everyone who volunteers, donates, and contributes to this effort are a part of the NEVSC family. We would like to extend a special thanks to the 50+ individuals who attended our earliest meetings helping to guide us with the creation of the NEVSC organization. We would also like to extend our appreciation to our three sponsors Brodeur Partners, Collard & Sowizral, PC, and Jonathan Sachs Graphics. Learn about our Board of Directors here.

How can I help?

Volunteer or donate.

Donations of all sizes matter to us. On the volunteering side, we need help with research, event planning, fund-raising, promotion and more. If you’re committed to building a velodrome in New England, please visit the volunteer page to see how you can help.

Are you on Facebook?

Yes, we’re on Facebook. Please click here.

Can I see the designs?

No, because we are still in the early stages. But the basic outline plan is a multi-use indoor facility that includes a 250-meter cycling track with infield ball courts, spectator seating areas, and a perimeter walking/running track. Facilities and concessions that support these activities and more are part of the outline plan.

Is there a business plan?

Yes, and it is based on providing unique recreation and sporting opportunities as a community service, funded through user fees and donations.

What’s the history of track racing?

Track cycling has been around since at least 1870, which is before the first mass-produced automobile. Cyclists were the highest paid athletes in the United States until Babe Ruth joined the Yankees. The first Track Cycling World Championships were held in 1893 in Chicago. The sport has been featured in every modern Olympic Games except 1912, with women's track cycling included in 1988, and paracyclists included in 1996.